Orion Solartech Inc. has designed the most revolutionary complete “structural solar panel system” in existence today! This built-in photovoltaic thermal solar power system (BIPV) provides a structural element and has all the benefits listed below…

Key elements of the Orion Solartech System:Structural Solar Panel System
Provides both electricity and heat
Waterproof roof and/or wall system
Up to 50% combined optimal efficiency
Eliminates the potential for racking failure
Removes snow from PV system with stored heat
Increases efficiency & longevity of solar photovoltaics
Practical applications and versatility:

Custom designed for all climate zones
Provides an integrated structural element
Adaptable for multiple uses and outcomes
Easily integrates into modern structural design
Compatible with exiting commercial or residential
Solar panel power system green-wise:

Constructed from 2nd & 3rd most common elements in the Earth’s crust
This Solar Panel PV thermal system has a life-expectancy of 80 to 100 years