"Now you can build a roof with Solar Panels!"

A new solar panel system offering increased efficiency, longevity plus cost effectiveness, providing a return on investment so it pays for itself!

Orion Solartech Inc. has designed the most revolutionary complete "structural solar panel system" in existence today! This built-in photovoltaic thermal solar power system (BIPV) provides a structural element and has all the benefits listed below...

Key elements of the Orion Solartech System:
Structural Solar Panel System
  • Provides both electricity and heat
  • Waterproof roof and/or wall system
  • Up to 50% combined optimal efficiency
  • Eliminates the potential for racking failure
  • Removes snow from PV system with stored heat
  • Increases efficiency & longevity of solar photovoltaics

Practical applications and versatility:

  • Custom designed for all climate zones
  • Provides an integrated structural element
  • Adaptable for multiple uses and outcomes
  • Easily integrates into modern structural design
  • Compatible with exiting commercial or residential

Solar panel power system green-wise:

  • Constructed from 2nd  & 3rd most common elements in the Earth's crust
  • This Solar Panel PV thermal system has a life-expectancy of 80 to 100 years


Philosophically и Literally и Financially
Your home can be an energy producer!


Contact ORION SOLARTECH Inc. - gary@littleapplehomes.ca

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