The Orion Solartech Roofing System!

This dynamic Solar Panel Roofing System can integrate into or become the entire roof. Images and details below demonstrate the advantage of this system.

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Thermal Panel:
The Orion Solartech structural, thermal solar panel can be installed in long wide sections to reduce couplings and labour. This also provides a clean appearance and maximises solar heat gain. The system can also be used to add colour to a roof keeping in mind dark colors maximize solar infrared absorption.

PV Thermal Panel: The Orion Solartech Photovoltaic Thermal solar panel is designed to form a continuous roof while providing heat and electricity. It can be used in conjunction with any type of PVís reducing the temperature and increasing the efficiency. By combining both Photovoltaics and thermal the efficiency of converting sunlight to usable energy is as high as 50%. Todayís PV systems are nearing 20% efficient with thermal at a 30%+ rating.

Integrated Skylight: The integrated sky light system provides a clean flush appearance while allowing a variety of applications and thermal glazing options.

Rain Water Collection: A complete Orion Solartech roof system is ideal for rain water collection. The water can be stored for irrigation and non potable water purposes or cleaned and filtered for drinking water. This is just another example of how dynamic and functional this solar system is. All this combined with a structural element.

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Glazing: When striving for thermal efficiency glazing can be utilized to keep the heat contained. This maximises the absorption of both infrared and latent heat. Single or double glazing can be implemented for the desired outcome and use.

Thermal Panel: A standard matt black thermal panel is used in this building integrated example for maximum absorption of the infrared light spectrum. The hollow channels can be interconnected in a variety of manners to control the flow and volume of the heat absorbing medium.

Insulation: In this case a ridged foam insulation is in direct contact with the underside of the thermal panel to contain the heat and maximise efficiency. The thickness of the insulation can be varied to accommodate various climatic zones and the desired outcome.

Liquid conduit: Transferring the heat absorbing medium through the panelís channelís is achieved with specific panel connectors and standardized plumbing to control the flow and rate of solar absorption. The liquid/gas can be water, glycol or any other medium depending on various factors and the desired use whether it be domestic hot water or heating.

Flashings: Custom flashing profileís can be designed for compatibility with the Orion Solartech Solar system and any type of sloped roofing material They can be contoured for metal, Asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, wood shake...


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