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Orion Solartech’s revolutionary new BIPV Thermal system is the only Building Integrated, Photovoltaic, Thermal, Solar Panel that also provides a structural element and roof all combined into one unit. With the many ways the Orion Solartech system can be applied to structures, Architects, Engineers, Designers and home owners will now have an unprecedented ability to incorporate solar into their buildings without putting a box on a roof.

Here are some of the advantages of our solar system and its applications.
  1. Our panels are designed to work in conjunction with any type of roofing material. By selecting the correct capping and flashings designs a solar system can be installed flush with asphalt shingles or raised to appear flush with a clay tile roof.
  2. The Thermal advantage can be used for both heating and cooling. A simple exposed thermal or thermal- PV panel (figure8) could be used for hot water in warmer climates and it could be applied to cooling in hot regions with cool nights. Simply circulate the conductive medium in the evening and store for daytime cooling. For hot water this system can be built-into the roof with glazing and can be specifically designed for insulation requirements in colder climates.
  3. The combined Photovoltaic Thermal advantage substantially raises the efficiency to a present day potential of 50% by combining near 20% PV efficiency and 30% thermal efficiency.
  4. Removing the heat from a photovoltaic panel increases the electrical output.
  5. Heat is one of the most destructive factors in regards to the deterioration of PV panels. Removing the heat increases the longevity of the system’s ability to produce electricity as well as the overall output.
  6. The structural element of these solar panels allows for a reduction in materials as there is no substrate needed to support them. Overall strength can be engineered for various factors such as snow loads, hurricanes and earth quakes.
  7. The panel’s water proof surface combined with flashings, caps and gaskets further reduces materials and labour as the Orion Solartech solar system does not get secured to a racking system on top of a roof. “IT IS THE ROOF”.
  8. Collect rain water.
  9. Thermal solar can be used for domestic hot water, heat the pool, hot tub, large thermal storage for winter use, commercial laundry, multi-unit complexes and sports facilities.
  10. Electricity can be used within the confines of the building the panels are applied to, feed power into the grid, store power for off grid, power for your electric vehicle, electric heat, boost hot water, power for air conditioning or any other house hold use.
  11. COLOR, COLOR, COLOR; With the availability of colored Photovoltaic’s and the ability to color our flashings’ caps and panels in any shade you want (best to consider thermal conductivity) finally we can design a solar roof with color.
  12. Compatible with new construction and renovations. The panels will be available for 16” or 24” center’s providing 24”, 32” and 48” wide panels. The metric equivalent of 400mm or 600mm center’s would provide panels of 600mm, 800mm or 1200mm widths. Custom manufactured widths will also be available for specific projects.
  13. The dynamics of this system allow for an unparalleled versatility as the following example will provide: In a hot region with mild winters the PV Thermal panel (see figure 16) can expel the hot air from the integrated space between the thermal panel and insulation by means of convection during hot summer days. This provides a shadow effect to keep heat out of the attic reducing the cooling load on the house. In The winter time a simple opening and closing louver system can use this warm air to heat the house in the winter with a convective loop or by means of forced air.
  14. All electrical and plumbing connections can be confined to underneath the water proof roof/panel reducing exposure to the elements and giving sheltered access for maintenance and repair.
  15. Complete PV Thermal systems with excess heat can store it in the ground for winters use when conditions allow.
  16. The Orion Solartech solar energy roofing system avoids roof penetrations and protects all the electrical and pluming connections. All wires and pipes are below the roof protected from the elements and UV degradation.


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